Webmaster Tools – Do You Know How They Help You?


With so many SEO tools available, the one that comes in handy the most is “Google Webmaster Tools”. While these tools don’t have all the benefits that can help in commercial SEO suites, they do offer an array of essential SEO insights. In this article, we will shed light on the benefits of webmaster tools.

Let’s dive in

What are Google Webmaster Tools?

This is the logical set of tools designed for webmasters. These tools facilitate communication with Google. They tell you how Google sees your website, including crawl rate adjustment, external and internal link listing, keyword checking, and click-through rate.

How to start?

No rocket science here! To use these tools, you must first register. After signing up, you need to go through the verification process. To verify ownership, you can follow any of these instructions-

Upload an HTML file, then add a root directory to your site

· Add an HTML tag above your homepage

Check via Google Analytics

· You can choose one of these methods to get started with Google Webmaster Tools.

Easy to use

Yes, using Google Webmaster Tools is so easy. After verification and obtaining a code from Google, you must place it on your site. Once logged in, you can see a dashboard and from there you can access different sections such as sitemaps, keywords, crawl errors and your site.

Benefits of webmaster tools

· It allows you to access valuable data and metrics from your marketing campaign.

· It optimizes your SEO keywords by delivering based on the most searched keywords of a specific industry. These can be used for both outbound and inbound SEO marketing.

· It offers you a better view of crawling and indexing movements according to your site’s search engine algorithm.

· It allows you to use analytical data related to outbound and inbound links to your web pages and also improves your link building campaign.

Webmaster Tools Features

Website owners often use these tools to monitor, diagnose, and optimize their websites. These are really very useful tools used for search engine optimization as they give insight to the site owner regarding the complete SEO data including crawl errors, keywords, etc.

Even if you are looking for a real overview of your website, these tools are perfect. You can sign it for FREE and after verification you can see all the information on your website.

Whether you have a large e-commerce or a small site, webmaster tools can help you a lot. These not only help improve your site’s page rankings, but also let you know where your site is lacking.