Top Rated SEO Tools for Joomla


Here are some of my must-have tools to install for Joomla 1.5. If you are a small business building an IN House CMS website or a web developer using Joomla, I suggest you check out these top-rated Joomla tools to quickly optimize, verify, and track your site.

These are virtually ready to use with very little configuration or modification required.

1. JoomSEO Developed by Phillip Brown – JoomSEO is a search engine optimization BOT that makes Joomla content more search engine friendly. JoomSEO dynamically creates meta keywords, meta descriptions, changes title on the fly, adds header tags to content titles and more…

2. Google Verification Developed by Michiel Bijland – Small Plugin to make Google Webmaster Tools site verification a bit easier. Works with Meta Tag method and no template adjustment needed. This is great for websites with multiple templates or demo sites, no template adjustments are needed when you add a new template to this plugin….

3. Metadata module missing Developed by Dan Rahmel – The Missing Metadata module adds a panel to the Joomla admin interface control panel that lists all published articles that have empty meta description or meta key fields. Search engines (especially Google) use meta description text as summary text for site listings displayed in search results. Any articles that do not include this metadata will suffer…..

4. Big hit from Google Analytics Developed by Kenneth Crowder – This plugin will automatically add the Google Analytics tracking code to your site.

5. Joomla Watch Developed by Matej Koval – JoomlaWatch allows you to monitor your website visitors and bots in real time from the admin menu. In particular their IP addresses, the countries they come from, their geographical location on a map, the pages they consult, their browser…

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