7 Tips to Increase CTR

There are 2 main factors Tips to increase CTR namely relevance and visibility. Relevance is the match between the ad text and the keywords or queries people type on Google. While visibility is a condition where ads are easy to see and attract the attention of the target audience.

Relevance Keyword, The Great Tips to Increase CTR

1. Write ad text that matches keywords

Make keywords as part of the ad text, especially in the Headline 1. You can also create other ad variations by using the keyword insertion feature.

2. Write ad text that fits the target audience

This point has more to do with the science of copywriting. The ad text that you write should be in accordance with the conditions of the target market so that it is expected to be able to influence their emotions so that they want to click on your ad.

How can I improve my CTR 2021?

7 tips to increase CTR


1. Take advantage of the available character limits

The more characters that can be displayed in the ad, the better the visibility. Make the most of the available character limits.

2. Using Extensions

Extensions will also affect ad visibility. The more extensions that can be displayed in the ad, the more visible the ad will be. Prioritize using extensions that match your product or offer. Currently there are a total of 10 types of extensions that you can use.

3. Give the impression of urgency with the countdown feature.

You can add a countdown to your ad for a limited offer to give it a sense of urgency.

4. Insert Call-to-action

A call to action is an order addressed to people who see your ad. Such as: Shop now!, Check our website now!, etc.

5. Using symbols in ad text

Using symbols makes your ad look different from other ads. For example, the berrybenka ad below uses the symbols %, *, and #.

6. Use capitalization format

Capitalization format means capitalizing the first letter of each word.

7. Ad position

Ad position will obviously affect the visibility of your ad. With the appearance of the ad at the top position in the search results, the ad will be very easy to see.

Ad position is determined by a formula called Ad Rank which scores ads based on bids, ad and landing page quality, Ad Rank thresholds, search terms, and the expected impact of extensions and other ad formats.

Further explanation about Ad Rank will be discussed in another article on bensmomma.com.

Lastly, tips to increase CTR, you start by understanding the audience. Improve Your Site Description and URL. Improve your Quality Score and Optimize your headline.