SEO tools to learn


Your online business will thrive if you master the art of search engine optimization or SEO. Search engine optimization will increase the chances that your website will be seen by business-ready customers. If you know the basics of SEO, your website will rank higher and appear among the top search results. This will make it easy for customers to see your website. There are several tools you can use to help you with your online marketing. These SEO tools are:

Google Keyword Planner. When you put content or articles on your website, you need to know the right keywords to use. Google’s Keyword Planner is a great SEO tool to help you determine which keyword or keyword phrase has the highest search volume. With Keyword Planner you will be able to know which version of the keyword phrase to use which will get you more traffic to your website. The Keyword Planner will also give you information about what customers expect to read on your website page.

Google Trends. Another tool that SEO experts use is Google Trends. This tool will show you people’s interest in a specific keyword phrase over a period of time. Basically, this tool will help you figure out when you should post your content. Google Trends will show you what potential customers are searching for and when a specific keyword is searched the most. This tool is important because it will let you know when is the right time to post new content on your website.

Plagiarism checkers. Search engines frown on the use of duplicate content. If you need to publish content that already exists, you must properly credit the original author, otherwise search engines will see your content as plagiarized and that content cannot be published. There are plenty of plagiarism checkers you can use for free that will determine the authenticity of any content you are about to post on your website.

common sense. If you write yourself, you should keep in mind that writing blogs and web articles is not enough. You should always write content with a specific goal in mind, which is to get your readers to buy the product or service you are selling. Google Keywords and Google Trends can give you a list of different versions of keywords you can use that are related to your product. However, you should use these keywords in such a way that they flow naturally throughout the article. Bombarding your article with lots of keywords can trick search engines into giving you better rankings, this practice will not be appealing to your potential customers since they are the ones who will be reading your content.

When writing content for your website, remember that you should always write for people before you write for search engines. One way to make sure you have good quality content is to either read your work out loud or have someone else read it.