SEO Tips and Tricks – Popular SEO Tools


Search engine optimization specialists will likely advise you on effective tools to aid your optimization. Luckily, the internet is home to thousands of tools that will fix your website problems. Here are specific tools and SEO specialists commonly used and visited by many webmasters.

Google Analytics – This is an easy-to-use solution that analyzes website traffic data. This is a free tool that tracks site activity such as page views, visits, page views per visit, bounce rates, and average time spent on the website. This tool covers three SEO elements: search traffic, keywords, and content performance.

Alexa – This uses toolbars installed on users’ browsers. It has been well accepted by many webmasters for years now due to its ability to measure the popularity of a website. Alexa could only promise accuracy for the top 100,000 sites.

KeyComplete – This is a tool that determines competitors’ keywords across their PPC campaigns. The good thing about KeyComplete is that it is an online tool with lots of useful features.

SEOmoz – SEOmoz has many effective SEO tools that allow users to gain insights from their competitors and receive reports from major search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Alexa. Tools also include site error detection, traffic tracking, and keyword research.

Widexl – Widel has a link popularity tool that helps webmasters locate pages linked to their site. It also has a meta tag analysis tool that examines meta tags, keyword density, page load time, and more. Search Engine Saturation, another tool from Widexl, checks links to websites on six search engines, allowing comparison between competitors.

SEO Logs – SEO Logs offers several free tools for SEO. Web Page SEO Optimizer and Keyword Difficulty Check are on-page SEO tools that analyze web pages for keyword optimization. Keyword Difficulty Check measures how difficult a keyword is to rank in search engines. SEO Logs also includes Google tools that detect fake Pagerank and produce PR-value results. Other tools are Backlinks Analyzer Tool, HTTP Headers and Status Checker Tool, Domain Age Checker, Alexa Rank Comparison and AdSense Profit Calculator.

Link Diagnosis – This is one of the popular link analysis tools available on the internet. It allows website owners to examine link competition by providing key competitor link details. The results will show anchor text, PageRanks and more. The Diagnostics link only works through Firefox.

IWEBTOOL – This website has several tools that basically cover most areas of SEO. It has Google PageRank Prediction which “predicts” ranking in Google; Link Popularity which counts the links of a domain on search engines; Website speed test that measures site load time and many more.