Remarketing Google Display Campaign Experiment, (Retargeting CPM vs CPA)

This time I will discuss a topic that is sometimes debated by advertisers. So, some of them say that for Remarketing Google Display Campaign Experiment it should be enough just to use target CPM. And some, including myself, are more likely to use target CPA or Maximize Conversion or bidding that focuses on conversions, which we know as Smart Bidding. If indeed the goal of the campaign is conversion.

So, we don’t care anymore about the audience we are targeting even though it is already a hot audience because we don’t expand targeting and indeed only target people who have visited our website.

But, when we see coincidence, here is a case study that I am working on.

Dynamic Remarketing Google Ads

So, the base campaign is a campaign that was already running. Namely a remarketing campaign that uses a CPM target. Then I handle the campaign and I try to test it using the target CPA. So, we can see the difference in the results. (Remarketing Google Display Campaign Experiment)

Actually, they think that with the CPM target, they will get an optimal impression because their job is only to reach. So, how can this ad with such a budget reach all the target audience as much as possible? The CPM can be cheap and you don’t have to force the system to filter again for people who want to convert.

But, in reality it’s not like that. Still, even though the audience is already very targeted, let alone the remarketing list that we use as the audience, the system still needs to know what our goal really is? Is it just reach and impression or brand awareness? Or is it really a conversion?

So, when we test this campaign by experimenting, the results are what I got. It can be seen that the cost is actually not much different. And for spending it’s just the same. In fact, the trial is less than the base. So for the base, the spending actually looks better. Here we can see the difference.

If you look at the impressions, yes, it’s better, more wins. Because the base is using the CPM target. His impression wins, so he can reach more people whose target audience is. Meanwhile, the audience is the same, people who are already hot, actually.

Benefits of Remarketing

Click here to see, the response is different. So, in terms of CTR, it’s even bigger. Because the impression is big but there are fewer clicks than the trial one. From here the audience response is different. That is, the base campaign is really focused on impressions. CPM focuses on:

  • impressions,
  • brand awareness, and
  • reach.

However, when it comes to the quality of the traffic you get, this is different. Here is the proof. So here it is also different. Look at the CPC. It’s even more expensive. And what really makes the difference here. This is very different. Just imagine the 4:110 conversion.

So, when it comes to bidding strategy, the more you come here, I think the smarter Google system is. The more you understand where it is going. If I say bidding strategy is the main engine of Google Ads itself.

Where do we want to focus on this campaign? So if, for example, our goal is Leads, Sales, Conversion, we no longer use the Maximize Click. It used to seem like that, before, it seemed like many, including myself, were still using Maximize Click at the beginning.

Remarketing vs Retargeting

If it’s right now, you can say no, so I don’t use Maximize Click anymore for conversion goals. So, prefer the manual CPC check to enhance it. Why? Because enhancing CPC there is a focus on conversion even though the bidding is still at the click level. Remarketing Google Display Campaign Experiment

So, it’s a level below the target CPA and Maximize Conversion, but for me it’s a level above Maximize Click. This is a different story if the goal is to traffic, to CPC, to click. Well, maybe Maximize Click is superior.

Same thing with this one. The focus of the CPM target is how to deliver ads with maximum impressions and if you calculate the CPM cost, it should be cheaper.

But this is a different context. We no longer see the cost/mile. It’s also useless to get high impressions but the main goal is not achieved.

So, the difference is huge. If it’s been very far like this, actually there is no need to wait for 2 weeks or more, actually you can. This is about 1 week, so actually you can directly apply the experiment. Because this data is already very far away. We can see here the difference too. Remarketing Google Display Campaign Experiment

Okay, that’s the explanation in this Remarketing Google Display Campaign Experiment. Hopefully useful. Don’t forget to subscribe, like and share with other friends. Thank you, all.