Passive income, YouTube and the Google AdSense program


One of the many wonders of the Internet is that giant Google has made it incredibly easy for you to generate some income using its AdSense program.

In 2006, Google did something amazing. They bought YouTube. At first glance, this may seem quite innocent, but it was a global marketing goldmine for them and an opportunity for anyone to make some money out of it.

When we search for something on the internet, most of us use Google’s search engine, sometimes without realizing how wonderful it is. We type a few words in the search box and many websites with information on your chosen topic are displayed. Imagine how hard that was to do in the days of reference libraries and encyclopedias!

In that list of searches, near the top will almost always be, you guessed it, a YouTube video! It’s pretty obvious now that search engines and YouTube are owned by the same company.

A key point of all of this is that most people would rather learn something or be entertained by watching a video, than reading a lot of text about it. It’s just the way we are these days.

When we click on the YouTube link to watch a video, either it starts with an advertisement, which must be relevant to the topic you searched for, or a pop-up window appears while the video is playing. If you click on it, you will be redirected to a relevant website.

If the ad, or even part of it, is viewed at the start of your video, or clicked on while your video plays, Google pays a small payment to its author if you’ve chosen to “monetize” your video.

This means you can create lots of informative or entertaining videos and get lots of micro payouts from them. It’s a great passive income machine and a great way to supplement your income.

To start this process, you need to sign up for a Google AdSense program and open an account, which is free. You can even have the money generated paid into your bank account.

The more informative and entertaining your videos are, the more popular they will be and the more money you will earn from them. So there are always channels to promote your videos via Twitter and Facebook.