Open your mind to the world of article marketing


An important part of article marketing is getting many articles published. The next challenge is to attract potential readers and establish yourself as a trusted expert. If people like the content or see you as credible, they are more likely to revisit your site. A good way to do this is to post as many original articles as possible.

Don’t think you have to stick strictly to AP style requirements when creating your SEO content. It will help you to make more SEO references in the blog, article or descriptions. You’re going to have to somewhat follow the AP rules, but relax the restrictions so you can do better with SEO.

Keep your copy simple and short. Remember that writing for the Internet is different from writing for other mediums. Don’t skimp on information, but if you keep your article concise and under 2,000 words, you can make the reading experience more enjoyable for your readers.

Don’t write the great American novels! When people search for information online, they usually don’t want to read a thousand words. Learn how to edit appropriately to convey your message in an interesting, readable, and lively way. 300-500 word articles that deliver their message concisely are popular with online readers!

Focus on the quality of your articles. If you’re writing too much and you feel your quality is suffering because of the quantity, slow down. There’s no shame in taking the time to write a quality article, even if it means you won’t submit as many as you’re used to.

Check your links. As soon as your article is published, visit it. Click on each link within to ensure they are all accurate and working properly. You don’t want to send your readers to a 404 screen or some random website that has nothing to do with you or your article.

Outsource the writing of your marketing articles. Outsourcing can save you a lot of time. There are now many online content writing companies to choose from and many won’t charge you very much for a good quality 700 word article. If you prefer, you can employ a freelance writer directly for a relatively inexpensive fee.

When you have lots of unique, high-quality content, more people will read it, and if they see it in an article directory, they’ll come to your site. It is possible to make money online, but it must be done correctly. Good content leads to better results.