Keyword Optimization Tips For SEM (Google Ads)

To help you with your keyword planning, we’ve created a list of  keyword optimization tips for SEM (google ads):


I will consider pausing keywords that convert poorly after get enough clicks. The criteria I use are:

Conversions < 0.1 AND Cost = (approaching target your CPA) or Conversions > 0.9 AND Cost / conv. = (far above the target your CPA).


If you find negative keywords that are conflict with the target keyword, there are 2 things that can be done
you do, namely:

  1. Negative evaluation of the keywords. Do not until there is an error in entering negative keywords. Example:  target the keyword is “pari island tourism” while you enter a negative keyword “pari” because before you saw search term “stingray fishing”. In you have to fix this negative the keyword.
  2. But, if you rate the keyword negatively is correct, and it turns out there is a target irrelevant and conflicting keywords with the negative keyword, then you just pause the target keyword.


If you have duplicate keywords (good is it across ad group or campaign), you have no control over which keywords aimed by clicks and will eventually affect the optimization process. How to find duplicate keywords and how to optimization, please visit the following link: duplicate keyword


If you find a search term that potentially generate a lot of conversions then you need to add it as target
keywords in the match type phrase and exact. The criteria I use are:

Added/Excluded = None AND Conversions > 0.9
AND Cost / conv. <= (your CPA target)

*Make sure the search term is relevant to the product advertised.


Duplicate search terms are conditions where there are several search terms that are the same sourced from multiple keywords in the campaign the same one.

This condition will have an impact on targeting keywords, optimization process, and bidding process.

If you are faced with a situation like this, all you have to do is negative the search term with match type exact
at the ad group level in the ad group it should be does not produce the search term because there should only be 1 keyword from 1 ad group which can generate the search term.