How to Use Google Tag Manager

How to Use Google Tag Manager:

Google Tag Manager is a tool owned by Google that serves to make it easier for you to manage tags (code / script).

You need to use Google Tag Manager if:

  1. You want to install Google Ads conversion tracking, remarketing, Google Analytics, or Facebook pixel on your website.
  2. You want to track website visitor activity such as: tracking people who clicked on the add to cart button, signed up, downloaded files, played videos, etc.
  3. You want to see the total transactions you get from Google Ads or Facebook Ads ads.
  4. You want to calculate the advertising costs you incur to get 1 buyer.
  5. You want to calculate ROAS. READ : How to calculate ROAS

How Google Tag Manager works

how to use google tag manager

  • When you create an account on Google Tag Manager, you will get a script that you must install on the website. The script will connect your website with Google Tag Manager. So that Google Tag Manager is able to read your website and track the activity of your website visitors.
  • All scripts from third-party tools such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, etc. will be installed in the Google Tag Manager account. Google Tag Manager has many features, so you will find it easier to manage the script.
  • You can create conditions when the script should run. For example: You want to install a conversion tag, where the tag will only run when someone buys your product.
  • Interactions that occur on the website will be read by Google Tag Manager then the information will be sent to the tools you use such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, or Facebook Ads. So you can find out how many people made certain interactions such as registration, clicking chat buttons, downloading files, etc.
  • With Google Tag Manager you can also calculate how much revenue you get from the ads you create on Google Ads and Facebook Ads.
  • And much more you can do with Google Tag Manager.