How to Optimize Your Squidoo Lens


For all of us who have spent seemingly years learning SEO techniques in order to drive traffic to our sites, Squidoo is a whole new game. To optimize your Squidoo lens, you cannot rely on the old SEO techniques. And yet, SEO is part of the Squidoo game.

First, a little background will help you understand Squidoo. Squidoo lets you create a lens that focuses people on a specific topic. When you set up your account, you set up keywords or tags as Squidoo calls them. You do need to understand the concept of keyword density.

You also don’t have to worry about H-Tags, meta-tags or long tails. That’s because Squidoo is set up to handle these issues for you. The SquidTeam takes the tags and other information you fill in the pages that are automatically set up for you and creates the HTML code that optimizes your Squidoo site for you.

Anyone who has ever lost sleep trying to optimize their site will be in for a real delightful surprise with Squidoo. SEO is built into the design of the site. All you have to do is use the Squidoo tools and your site will essentially optimize.

You can add attractive modules that give you an advertising edge. Some of the modules you can add include YouTube, Guestbook, Polls, RSS Feeds,, Flickr, and Plexo. You don’t need to know the first thing about HTML or coding.

Squidoo is a reversal of how websites used to work. The deal then was to get very many SEO pages in the hope that the absolute numbers would get the site to the first page of Google. Content mattered so little that there was booming activity in article spinners and auto-generated pages.

Squidoo is all about content and looks at quality over quantity. The lensmaster (meaning you) takes the best of what’s online and uses the tools, focuses the reader on the subject by offering the most comprehensive information possible.

The more concise and up-to-date your goal, the more attention you can grab. Think of a Squidoo page as a minisite. You take a single topic and focus on that topic, going deeper into the topic.

The secret is to make the site informative. Because Squidoo does the SEO work for you, you can focus on gathering all the information about your topic. It makes your readers’ experience complete. Rather than digging through hundreds or thousands of Google pages, the reader can simply get all the information from your Squidoo site.