4 SEO link analysis tools


If you want to be popular and rank in the top searches of Google, Bing, and Yahoo, you need to understand how you might rank there. People have different ideas on how to rank high in search engines.

– Some say it’s all about the content

– Some say it’s all in the keywords

– Some say it all depends on the name of the site

– Some say it all depends on the amount of traffic

The truth is that these are all important considerations, however, I can say that one thing I realize is that BACKLINKS have a huge role in a website’s ranking. Ever wonder why backlink checker is so popular?

The backlink checker exists to monitor the performance and ranking of a website.

I personally check my backlinks every week to see how well I am competing against my competitors. As SEO experts say; if you want to rank high, create more backlinks for your site.

To clear things up in your mind, do you know:

– Blog comments

– Forum posts

– Directory submission

– RSS submission

– Submission of articles

– Video submission

The ultimate reason this has become popular is because of BACKLINKING. Many website owners spend more time and resources just hiring virtual assistants to do these types of tasks. In fact, many of them even pay for these submission services.

Now, if you’ve managed your website and you’re still not focusing on checking your backlinks, I suggest this is the time for you to start monitoring. Here are some tools you can use for FREE!

1.) Seomoz.org/linkscape – Compared to these other 3 tools, this site lists backlinks not only for the index page but also for your subdomains.

2.) Tools.Seobook.Com/backlink-analyzer – Of these 4 tools, this is the one I recommend the most, although if you’re not technically inclined it might be a little confusing. Either way, it’s pretty easy to learn and get familiar with. The only downside I see here is that since it offers good backlink analysis, people still wouldn’t know how to use it properly unless they read guides regarding its use. Unlike other tools you only need to put the website up and automatically it will give you the details you need.

3.) Mjesticseo.Com – This is enough if you just want to know how many backlinks you have. (it shows brief details)

4.) Siteexplorer.Search.Yahoo.Com – The best thing about this site is that it monitors the RSS feed links you have from other websites.

Any of these 4 tools are effective to use. Everything serves its purpose. However, you can choose according to your preferences and needs. If you only need to know the number of backlinks, then go for majestic seo, siteexplorer and seomoz.org/linkscape. But if you want a more detailed link analysis, try using tools.seobook.com/backlink-analyzer.