10 Shopify features that make it the best CMS


In order to successfully establish an online business presence, care must be taken in choosing the best CMS for oneself. By selecting the right CMS for you, you will maximize your potential and benefits while ensuring that you are able to produce the highest quality website possible. This is even more crucial for users planning to create online stores. If you are looking for a CMS to use, a good recommendation would be Shopify. Taking a closer look at the features they have made available to users can further solidify their presence as one of the best CMS solutions available:

1. SEO

Search engine optimization is an ideal requirement for all website owners. This basically helps in improving their ranking and visibility in search engine results, thereby attracting more traffic from viewers as well as customers. Shopify comes with SEO features even in their basic packages and several other SEO tools built-in. This basically helps website owners appeal to search engines with ease while they spend time working on other features of their website.

2. Web Hosting

Website owners would also not have to worry about web hosting as web hosting is basically taken care of. Shopify actually helps take the hassle out of maintaining software, managing payment gateways, or even maintaining site servers. You won’t have to pay for hosting either since all essential functions requiring technical expertise are taken care of. This saves a lot of your resources and allows you to manage your business with ease. For start-ups looking to get started, this is the best possible solution.

3. Security

Shopify is capable of handling security compliance, upgrades, and hacker protection. This prevents data breaches or hacks, allowing you to focus on fundraising and user registration instead. In addition, you will also have the assurance of being able to access dedicated assistance in the event of a problem. For startups that need solutions that don’t require additional expense, the support team can provide valuable information and assistance.

4. Marketing Tools

Shopify is a technically designed CMS for marketing purposes. Designed to facilitate users with essential marketing tools, Shopify helps users deliver a range of services without needing to step out of coding as a recourse. Some examples of what users can achieve include setting discount codes, redeeming personalized gift cards, social media integration, setting up product costs, managing inventory and more!

5. Analytics

Business owners can also track the progress of the online store/website by relying on Shopify’s analytics tools. With Shopify’s analytics features, business owners can actually track how their customers located them online, along with other critical information that can be used to improve inbound marketing efforts. Additionally, business owners can also rely on targeted email marketing and tracking affiliate sales using Shopify App Store add-ons.

6. Content Marketing

Content marketing is an important aspect to ensure consistent organic traffic and social shares. Shopify helps users continue to build their brand by introducing an integrated blogging software interface. Including features to help create SEO-optimized content blogs, Shopify allows users to regularly produce material with relative ease.

7. Personalization

Business owners with little to no computer knowledge can also easily use Shopify with its easy customization features. It is extremely convenient and simple to create an online store with the interface of Shopify. Simple guides and instructions are also included to make the whole design process easier.

8. Models

When it comes to customization, there is no need to worry either since Shopify facilitates users with a wide range of comprehensive and beautiful template designs. Some of these templates are free while others require payment with no hidden fees. Users can choose according to their needs and just apply the changes they need and they will be able to use their online store!

9. Integration

For business owners who rely on other software tools for business process assistance, Shopify creates an extra layer of convenience by enabling integrations with helpful tools like WooCommerce and MailChimp, streamlining entire processes and eliminating the problem of having to access different programs individually.

10. Movable

To help improve business progress, Shopify has also enabled mobile functionality with its app. Business owners can now rely on their app to accept payments, manage their online store while away, streamlined experiences, and more!