10 good reasons to submit articles to online magazines


Writing compelling content and submitting articles to ezines and other article directories can be one of the most effective SEO tools in your arsenal. Help grow your small business and boost your online marketing efforts today. Here are some benefits of creating and sharing great content:

1. Exhibition

That is, your published article may appear on the homepage of ezine publishers as recent and relevant content. This visibility can allow you to capitalize on their traffic.

2. Define your expertise

You are in business for yourself and you are probably an expert in your industry. Sharing your knowledge with quality content can build credibility for your brand and can help position you in your competitive landscape.

3. Brand recognition

Submitting articles to ezines will help brand your website, yourself, and your business. With a well-written “resource box,” you can let readers know about your credentials, accomplishments, and expertise in your field.

4. Backlinks for SEO

Simply said, your article can have an indefinite life on the ezine site itself. This can provide you with an invaluable backlink to your website, which we all know is a valuable SEO tool to increase page rankings.

5. Free advertising

Think of it this way…a published article is “free” advertising in a sense. Depending on the success of your article, this can help ease the limited budgets that small business owners often face.

6. Revenue Generation

What if someone contacted you to write content for their blog or to hire you as a consultant for their business. This article alone could actually generate more revenue!

7. Virus Status

It’s the holy grail of online marketing for small businesses! If you are lucky enough to have your content and information shared by the masses, you are doing something right! Keep in mind that this won’t happen if the content you share is self-promoted or lacks usable real-life information. If you don’t share it with your friends or colleagues, the reader might not either.

8. Reach for the Stars

“Reach” is a term that refers to the number of individual consumers who see your brand’s message. Submitting your article to an ezine publisher that has free content and/or an article directory on their website can put your content in front of millions of users.

9. Credibility and Trust

Potential clients and customers want to work with people and support brands they trust.

10. Relationships and Community

By putting you forward so to speak, the online community knows that you are an active member. The quality of the content you produce can earn the respect of your fellow authors and editors. Especially when it comes to B2B marketing tactics, this is one of the most overlooked strategies.

Remember that in the age of social media, “you are what you share”. When writing content and publishing articles, this is especially true. Be honest, authentic, and thoughtful, and you’ll earn the respect, exposure, and brand enhancement you seek.