10 Actionable SEO Techniques You Can Use Right Now


You can find plenty of tips and techniques floating around the internet regarding SEO. But few of them are really exploitable. So here we provide 10 snippets from top SEO software pros on the most actionable SEO techniques.

1. Content Marketing

With the huge competition in content marketing, time and time again you have to update your content to be up to industry standards. Content should be informative, engaging, and trustworthy in order to seize more opportunities.

So research the in-demand topic, identify your competitors, develop the content with the target audience in mind, regularly analyze your results and act accordingly.

2. Include eye-catching titles and attractive images

Includes headlines that are irresistibly clickable and spark curiosity. This should entice the user to spend some time to fully skim through your post and share the page. Tell a story with beautiful words and pictures as they say “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

3. Guarantee an error-free website

Make sure that all information provided on your site is correct and accurate. Test all the links on your site and make sure there are no broken pages or links or dead links. It reflects your professionalism.

4. Invest in content and hire professionals to write guest blogs

Writing a regular column is easy, but developing content with detailed information is no easy task. Valuable content takes time to form. So you need to invest your time, money and planning to get the best.

Invest some of your budget in hiring professional, established writers to write guest posts on your site. This can easily land you with a set of audience in your niche.

5. Use original links

Find the hot topic in your niche, research that topic and stats, advertise your article to influencers, and then do a press release. This gets people talking about your article and drives traffic.

6. Build relationships

Build a healthy relationship with good budding businesses and join a thriving community. Attend conferences, events or meetings to keep up to date with current topics in your niche and to develop your knowledge.

7. Support your peers

Check your loyal followers who tend to regularly share your content and links. Respond to their action by supporting them with your shares, comments, reviews and testimonials.

8. Explore your site

There are plenty of professional SEO software out there that will help you crawl your site to check how Google crawls it. You can find serious problems if any and solve them immediately.

9. Competitive analysis

Analyze your success or failures with those of your competitors and come up with strategies to correct those failures or to consistently maintain your success. Keep an eye on your competitors’ strategies to stay ahead of them.

10. Optimize site architecture and pages

Based on the crawl-ability report, optimize your site architecture to avoid wasting time in interaction. Constantly update your existing pages with new content and keywords before creating new pages.

With all this expertise, you may need to use the best SEO tools to effectively optimize your site. The best SEO software will help you meet certain requirements in particular. Check out SEO software review and SEO software comparison and use them to boost your rankings.

There are many websites that offer SEO software reviews. Try all possible tricks that have a low risk factor until you gain expertise and momentum.